About Us

The International Bank of Me'ekamui (IBOM) is the oldest and biggest bank in Bougainville islands. Traditionally it was known as “Pohiroraa” meaning “reserve bank”. After the civil war it formalized its registration under the Twin Kingdom government and established agencies & branches worldwide.

We are committed to the welfare of our customers and society as a whole. Since our humble beginnings our commitment has never changed.

Today, we are a thriving financial institution with a full offering of banking products and services and a growing customer base. We boast of the highest level of banking confidentiality unmatched anywhere in the world." 

Governor of IBOM - Sir Peter Lising 

Governor of IBOM - Sir Peter Lising

The 'Bougainville war’ that swept across our islands became a blessing in disguise as we searched the universe for answers and solutions. The circumstances were unique: Firstly, we expelled a multinational mining corporation due to environmental and social concerns. In response, foreign military forces were dispatched to our island with ‘shoot to kill’ orders. The carnage and bloodbath that followed cannot be imagined. Thirdly, foreign governments imposed a genocidal economic blockage upon us. Basic goods & services including medicine, food & clothing were not allowed into our shores causing further confusion and more civil wars. We lost about 20,000 lives in the process.

During our isolation we learned to survive outside the box and invented our own home-made guns, tools, weapons, engines, machines, medicine, clothing, etc, for our security and livelihood. We created our own banks, governments, institutions, military forces, monarchs, etc, based on our rich cultural and biblical heritages. Our national currency is based on our huge gold reserves under the ground.

IBOM is the first international bank my government is offering to the world as the global financial system collapses towards recession. Come and celebrate with us.

Hon. Sir William Sivusia
Prime Minister
Me'ekamui National Government



This exotic flower is called the Kingflower and rarely found outside Bouganville.